What kind of therapy is used??


Sports massage, neuromuscular therapy, stretching, active release technique principles (ART), cupping, scraping ("Graston" style therapy), PNF, orthopedic massage, myofacial treatment, and body balancing.


To treatMuscle, tendon, ligament and alignment.

Body Assessment: Imbalances, weaknesses, strengths, range of motion, flexibility and tension.

Goals:  To give you the ability to move, play, and lift without pain or to increase agility, speed, strength and awareness of your body.

She often assigns exercises and stretches, or involves your strength coach or trainer to round out your body balancing later.

How is it customized for me?

Your treatment is based on how you move (skate, run, pitch, lift, etc...) and how you feel when you move.  She has an eye for restrictions or imbalances in your arm, hips, back or your body as a complete system.

"The only way to learn how to help you is to see how you move.  I watch college film, current games, and outings and look for patterns in order to teach you how your body reacts to your position played." - Corrine

What athletes will benefit by working with Corrine

All Athletes.

We are born with the same bodies.  What Corrine looks for is how your history, habits, sport and injuries have changed and shaped your body.


She excels and specializes in pitchers, and hockey players. Corrine also has years of experience with baseball, football, ballet, runners, golfers, boxers, ice dancers....all the way to bull riders and olympic bobsled pushers.

Plymouth, Michigan is home, she is also known to work onsite at facilities in Florida and Arizona, Traverse City and Cleveland or at your location for necessities during the season.

Corrine's last onsite trip was to Puerto Rico for a week of treatment on pitcher playing winter ball. During that trip she collaborated with his trainer, and the kinesiologist he was working with.

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