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Teamwork Makes the Dream-work!

Dear humans.

On my mind today is the disconnect between the professionals athletes see to maintain their bodies. Whether it be the PT you see post injury or because of pain, or the team professional you see who is just helping you stay loose. This disconnect is huge. Professionals seem to get defensive and possesive and upset when you see more than just them.

Here is the thing.

No ONE person can be an expert at everything.

I have some quick tricks that work for activating or strengthening something specific, but I am by no means a strength coach or a PT, so I keep some good names in my pocket to refer you to when something is outside of my scope.

I am a soft tissue expert. I am also, not the best at putting you to sleep with a relaxing massage. I have names in my pocket for that too. Just ask, I will share them, they are amazing massage therapists!

My point is, build your team. Have a good MT, a good PT, a good dry needler, good strength coach and MAKE THEM COMMUNICATE with each other to best help you. Most of us don't mind, trust me! If they refuse to share information, then YOU and YOUR RECOVERY are not their main focus. Your team of professionals should work together, even in the most basic ways, to help you recover faster.

Don't trust that the 3 days of soft tissue education your athletic trainer got in school are the best you can do!

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