Sports Therapy

for pitchers

Would you take your Lambo to a Ford mechanic??

Specialization in overhead athletes.

Then why let just anyone treat your arm?


Corrine has made several onsite visits to Cressey Sports Performance for assessments and new strength programs and completed their "Elite Baseball Overhead Athlete" seminar. She also studies the materials of Mike Reinold, Driveline baseball, and several other authorities on movement mechanics.

Corrine's background in movement, and weight transfer as a professional ballroom dancer lends to her ability to understand the leverage, weight transfer and connectivity of pitching mechanics and how it effects your body.

Having worked with pitchers from Major League all the way to high school, she is familiar with pitching specific range, workouts, throwing programs and various throwing styles.

She also has experience analyzing several dozen clients outings and bullpens in person and video.


Corrine keeps a team of consultants made up of former pitchers, coaches, PTs, and strength professionals in the industry to ensure not one detail is missed.

"Resourceful" is an understatement when describing Corrine's approach to treating pitchers and other overhead athletes!

When do I seek treatment?

In Season:

  • Maintenance

  • Mechanical Issues

Off Season:

  • Re Balance

  • Make Change

In season wear and tear and tension is treated with neuro-muscular massage and trigger point release to the appropriate areas specific to your throwing style and rotation.  Usually addressing the arm, rotator cuff, scalenes (neck).  Sometimes addressing rotational muscles in the trunk and lumbar regions.

The key to this work is knowing what knots and muscles are appropriate to release and when.  Sometimes your body uses knots for stability purposes, self treating the migration of the scap and other structures common in pitchers.  Removing these can create internal chaos and a feeling of instability in the shoulder. 

If you are in the area post season, or during your off season, treatment style and options are much different.  Off season treatment consists of recovering from the season, balancing your body so that lifting and throwing doesn't create patterns of movement that are unhealthy, create pain, restrict range or interfere with your mechanics.

Treatment in the off season should be done with the purpose of making change.  Change should rarely be made in season. 

Examples of change include:  Increasing velocity, range of motion, agility and power.  Decreasing compensation patterns and potential for injury.

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